thursday 4 - saturday 6 July
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// the vision
Thousands of people activated to share Jesus across the city.
We’re asking God to revive our nation, and we’re taking action to bring the message of Jesus to this generation.
// what is send week?
Before each The Send Arena event you can join us to share Jesus on the streets of our cities, including training, prayer, worship, and creative street actions in unity with local churches.
// why go?
People are spiritually hungry and looking for answers, but they’re not coming to us as they see the church as a tradition of the past. We need to go to them. The gospel needs to be public and accessible to this generation.

Through The Send Week you will get inspired and equipped with creative tools to share Jesus in a clear and relevant way. The long term effect is thousands of young people activated in faith and boldness in evangelism, bringing that back to their local churches and cities.
Send week
OVO Arena Wembley
4-6th July

// the aim?

we're aiming to gather 1,000 people to go out onto the streets of london in the run up to the send area in wembley.

We'll be based in london, learning, interceding and going out, raising the spiritual temperature and obeying the great commission.

// Schedule?

Mornings: gathering & Training
Afternoons: Street action
Evenings: Worship & Speakers from the send
night: street action

// details?

We'll gather starting Thursday 4th 7pm and ending Saturday 6th at 10pm. Location is Imprint Church London, St Edmund the King, 57-59 Lombard Street, London, EC3V 9EA.

Attendance is free but participants are responsible for their own accommodation, transport and food.

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